7 Reasons Kimonos Make The Perfect Christmas Gift


Let’s make Christmas as stress-free as possible! Are you still wondering what to get your mum, girlfriend or something for yourself this Christmas? Here are seven reasons kimonos make the perfect Christmas gift.


1. They’re totally unique.

Our limited edition range is specifically produced in small numbers to retain its uniqueness. This makes it the perfect gift for those who don’t see the funny side of showing up at events in the same outfit as their best friend.


2. They go with almost everything.

You can wear it over a gown, jeans and a top or swimwear. It works in all weather, layer it up for winter or throw it on in a hot summer indoor AC.


3. They’re glamorous!

Our kimonos are sheer and flowy, made out of chiffon and silk. It’s an instant elevation of whatever you’re wearing.


4. It WILL fit – it’s one size.

It’s the #1 problem when you’re considering buying clothing as a gift, right? We’ve solved it for you! They fit and flatter women of all shapes, from UK6 to UK22, thanks to our proprietary cut. Amazing? We think so.


5. They’re portable.

If you’re travelling for Christmas, it’s the easiest gift you can take with you being almost weightless. Don’t sacrifice prime real estate space in your luggage.


6. It will never go out of style.

They’re literally classics. It is one of those things which will always look chic and sophisticated, even when we’ll be living in the age of robots and hoverboards.


7. It’s already wrapped for you!

We all know, one of the most tedious parts of Christmas is after the hustle and bustle, having to figure out the wrapping. We’ve totally got you covered. Every kimono comes in a beautiful black matte envelope tied up in satin ribbon, which makes the whole unwrapping, an experience in itself. If you’re buying for a special someone, we’ve also got stunning gift boxes, embedded with our signature rose gold logo.

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