Beauty Resolutions For 2018



It’s January! Our favourite time of the year to start that ‘thing’ we’ve always wanted to. We love to give our beauty routine a little rehaul in the New Year and here are our five basics of our top beauty resolutions that are not only easy to stick to but will have an impact on your beauty game.




1. Drink Lots Of Water

Old but gold. Water hydrates and keeps your skin supple and plump. We like to fill up one large 2-litre bottle at the beginning of the day, to make it easy to keep track of our intake. If you find water absolutely boring, throw in flavoured ice cubes, mint or slices of fruit to infuse the water and make it look prettier. We don’t know about you, but we tend to drink more when it’s pretty to look at and not only good for us.



2. Invest In A Good Foundation

Your skin is your canvas and the largest organ in your body. A good foundation not only enhances your make up but keeps your skin healthy. Some of our personal favourites are By Terry Sheer Expert, which will truly give you that ‘second skin’ look (pricey, but this range has skincare built into it) and the classic Estee Lauder Double Wear and Double Wear Light for those times you need to be able to depend on your foundation not to budge.



3. Wear Sun Screen

This is our Holy Grail of anti-ageing. Wear sunscreen with at least SPF of 15 at all times to avoid premature pigmentation of your skin. Yes, even if you’re indoors. There are still UV rays from your computer screen or through windows. You can never be too religious when it comes to sunscreen! Some of our favourite brands for sunscreen is this mattifying sunscreen by cult Korean brand Missha and this budget-friendly Neutrogena Ultra Sheer with a ridiculous and reassuring SPF70. Both will absorb directly into your skin with no stickiness and no white cast.



4. Get That Manicure

It’s the small things. Manicures make us feel happy and pull together a look. Plus, it’s fun! A little ‘you’ time, whether it’s at a salon gossiping with your girlfriends or in front of the TV while you binge on Stranger Thing. Harpers Bazaar came up with 16 gorgeous manicure sets that you can start with or add to your collection.



5. The Red Lipstick

And if all else fails, red lipstick is the answer. It’s a classic and can instantly make you look and feel put together. It can camouflage the bags under your eyes after a particularly long night out, or transition your outfit from day to night. Choose a red (or bold) lipstick that brings radiance to your skin and creates your signature look. It’s easy and something you can rely on when you’re short on time. Choose from the ten best lipsticks selected by¬†Vogue.




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