DIY Date Night


Can we honestly say that romance is as high up on our priority list as it should be? Despite our best intentions, life gets in the way…a deadline at work, a bikini body spinning class, dinner with Mum or even just a soak in the bath with a glass of ‘the good stuff’. It’s clear that we need to up our game and get romance back on the map!

Rosie On Fire prides itself on a wish to make our women feel fantastic. We embrace all things sexy, sassy and flirty. We believe that wherever we are, and whatever we are doing it’s our right to realise our beauty, go forth and conquer. Truth is, there’s no reason why this has to be done at the swankiest restaurant, wearing the latest labels and capturing every intimate moment on camera.

…Instead, we think you should try this.

Imagine a place where you are most relaxed, most comfortable and where you can be your true self. Home! When you think about it, being at home is probably the best place for a romantic night with your loved one. You can indulge in a menu of your choice, wear your matching onesies (Yes, we know you have them!), fall into bed at 9.30pm without feeling as though you’ve cut the night short and to top it all off, you wont have to give a thought to how much it all cost. To us, it’s a win win.

DIY date nights are on the rise and here are some Rosie On Fire favourites.

  • Home Spa – Massage oils, low lights and fluffy towels are all you need. Try this skin treatment candle from NEOM for something different.
  • Popup Picnic – A cosy blanket, comfy cushions, fridge leftovers and a bottle of your choice will do just fine.
  • Movie Night – A BIG bowl of popcorn, cups of soda with a straw and a film you’ve seen before. That way, if you get distracted for any reason, you’re not missing a thing! You’ll be spoilt for choice if you buy your popcorn from Joe & Sephs.
  • Evening Strolls – OK, so this does mean leaving home but even so, walking, talking and removing ourselves from routine should be a welcome break from the norm.
  • Do Dinner – Plan a meal and cook it together. There are loads of romantic menus out there for inspiration. Or try a meal prep kit like Hello Fresh which literally takes all the faff out of cooking, and is a fool proof date!

It would be wrong to claim that a night eating elegant cuisine at a location with a spectacular view and sharing it with your beau isn’t romantic, but its worth considering a DIY date for all those nights that otherwise go unnoticed.

The trick is to celebrate the small things and share them as much as possible!


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