Let’s Get Seasonal


The days are drawing out, the sun is warming up, the leaves are greener and the blossom ever sweeter. Safe to say, Spring is here!

Rosie On Fire is all about the holistic woman. As much as we love beauty on the outside, beauty on the inside is just as important. With that in mind, its worth considering that the change in season marks a turning point for both our mood and our diet.

With more opportunity to soak up a sensible dose of sun, the happy hormone Serotonin works its magic on our smiles, our Vitamin D levels get a boost and the cosy comfort of grounded foods get replaced by lighter, fresher alternatives.

As observed by modern health expert ELIZABETHRIDER, we are inherently attuned with the environment and what grows around us. If you have ever considered committing to a detox, now is the time to listen to your body and reach for the foods that are at their best at this time of year.

With more daylight hours, the early crops of asparagus, tiny potatoes, fresh lettuce and jewelled radish grow. The scent of elderflower blossom and wild garlic float in the spring breeze…

…and the undeniable indulgence of Easter treats await!

With the abundance of produce on offer there are so many recipes to put to the test. You’d be hard pushed to find a magazine, TV programme or social media hotspot that isn’t spreading the word on the tastiest. It’s worth remembering that Aprils seasonal ingredients don’t hang around for long, so make sure you get them at their best.

Get your taste buds tingling with one of these yummy recipes this April:

  • For the meat eaters, Mary Berry comes up trumps with a roasted shoulder of lamb on BBC Food
  • Try your hand at a wild garlic pesto recipe from delicious. , perfect for pasta!
  • Vegan recipes are finally getting the credit they deserve. Keep it simple with this asparagus and mushroom risotto…don’t worry, this recipe from Vegan Heaven keeps it creamy.
  • No Easter would be complete without at least one attempt at something chocolatey. Glorious Treats chocolate malt cake won’t disappoint.

Let us know your seasonal suggestions by commenting below.

Rosie On Fire x

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  • Nina
    April 16, 2019

    Inspiring post, I love all things Spring!
    Will definitely be trying out some of those delicious recipes!

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