Making the Airport Terminal your Runway


How to Stay Fashionably Comfy While Traveling

Every woman wants that “step off the plane, looking like Audrey Hepburn” moment but we all know how tiring those long-winded flights can be, especially when transits and time difference are involved. It can definitely take its toll, leaving you looking and feeling like a beautiful mess. Although it may seem impossible, you can look perky-fresh after a long day of travelling and we have just the tips you need to keep our jet-setters looking gorgeous.


1. Ballet flats are your feet-saviours

Here’s why we love ballet flats; they’re versatile, comfortable and ultimately stylish, a must have for all women on the go. You can go through the airport security checks to your meetings without having to switch your shoes.

For our petite peeps, we know you want some height to make those legs look longer. You could always opt for a pair of sturdy yet stylish wedges that give you the height boost you need but are definitely much easier on those legs.

2. Comfy bottoms

Leggings or Jeggings can be a girl’s best friend on the flight. Not only are they comfortable, but also they fit perfectly and stretch out to suit your body type. Throw on an over-sized t-shirt and a fashionable blazer or bomber jacket and you’re good to go.

3. The perks of layering

Airplanes are cold and trust me, you’d want something soft and comfy to keep your shoulders warm. A flowy Kimono is appropriate for smart casual work meetings and they’re wonderful for luggage space-conscious situations – they’re lightweight enough to carry around. Roll it up and stuff it in your bag if the weather gets too warm and it’s always a plus point to cover up when necessary. A shawl is also a good way to stay warm and add some color to your outfit. Whether you’re rushing off the plane for a business meeting or heading to a casual meet-up with your girlfriends, a Kimono or shawl can be just what you need.

4. Keep your neck in check

What’s worse than looking like a hot mess after a flight? Feeling like one too. A travel pillow is important to give your neck the support it needs while you’re 30,000 feet up in the sky. Plus, a cute and colorful pillow would just make you look adorable while taking a snooze on a flight.

5. Fake awake with a bright lippy

The wonders of what a bright colored lipstick could do are endless. Just apply a layer of bright lipstick and it instantly makes you look refreshed. Try bright shades of pink or red, and you’d look like you had a good night’s rest or, at least, a shower.

6. Put it in a bun

We’re talking about your hair, ladies. If you have long hair, twirl those luscious locks into a chic yet sleek bun for that polished look. The best part? At the end of the day when you let your hair loose, you’ll get those much-desired beach waves. Double win! Grab a hair tie that offers grip without putting too much strain on your hair.

7. Don’t forget your sunnies, Honeys

Could any look be complete without a pair of sunglasses? Nope! Put on a pair of sunglasses on your flight to cover those beautiful peepers while you get some much-deserved shut-eye while traveling, then rock them on the ground for that “lady on-the-go” look. Most jet-setters have their trusty pair of shades that frame their face perfectly, a handbag essential.

8. Your 12-hour life saver

We’re talking about your makeup foundation, of course. Especially when you’re traveling for work and you have to hit the meeting room straight from the airport, your best bet would be to go for a long-lasting foundation with medium to light coverage for that natural finish.

9. Make it a maxi

A maxi dress is extremely versatile and perfect for layering. A basic black maxi dress can be paired with a long flowy kimono or colorful shawl and voila, an extremely comfortable outfit that exudes style. Also, if you’d like to go for a dress with a pop of color, go for it and throw on a solid colored oversized cardigan for a smart casual look.

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