Our Favourite 5 NYFW Bridal Dresses



We love ‘Say Yes To The Dress’; so we couldn’t resist putting together a few of our faves from NYFW. Whether you’re looking for something special for your big day, plotting way in advance or just looking for some romantic inspiration, here are our top picks for something sweet and sexy.


The Princess

We said yes to this @eliesaabbridal dress for its dramatic sheer bell sleeves and long flowy veil. With cascading embroidery from the top, it’s hard not to feel like a princess wearing this.



The Romantic

Inspired by the aristocrats of the mid-16th century, this @francescamiranda dress captures romance in its intricate full-body lace and slender cut.



The Dreamer

We absolutely love how whimsical this @berta dress looks with its sheer flowing cape. With a motif that resembles wildflowers in fields, its innocence tugs at our heartstrings.



The Minimalist

We love how minimalistic and elegant this @reem_acra dress is. With a well-defined structure, this dress treads on the conservative and sexy at the same time!



The Winter Queen

This @naeemkhanbride wedding dress is a stunner for its bold mixture of pearls and feathers. Its feathers are not only fashionable but they can also keep you warm when you walk down that long flight of steps…


We hope that you found something that inspired you to your perfect dress! If you’d like to explore more, check out these lovely @kleinfeldbridal dresses. We hope that you’ll find the perfect one to live happily ever after with.


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