Packing: To Fold or Roll?


Holidays, business trips, family occasions and spontaneous romantic getaways have one thing in common. Packing. The question is, how do you?

In my house it’s a constant debate and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say it’s up there with coffee vs tea! I like to spend time folding my clothes and layering them whereas my partner likes to roll everything from underwear and denim to expensive cashmere sweaters!

Fold or roll?

Safe to say the question remains, what actually saves space?

Having posed the question to colleagues and friends alike, I was interested to learn that rolling is used by all the men in my experiment as it is quick, easy and fuss free whereas like me, some of the women even iron their clothes to make folding extra efficient!

The general consensus (and one reluctantly admitted to by the gents!) confirms that folding wins the title and will get us all one more outfit in our carry-on.

Here are our top tips for packing…

  • Lay your items out and decide whether they are all 100% necessary.
  • Stuff small items like underwear and scarves into shoes.
  • Purchase ‘minis’ of as much as you can! More often than not, there are bargains to be had at high street drug stores.
  • Double up! I use my travel document wallet as my evening clutch.
  • Plan your outfits to see what can be worn more than once.
  • When your packing, keep layering balanced so that there’s no unused space in your suitcase.
  • If you’re taking a chunky knit, travel in it. Planes are often cooler than is comfortable, so you’ll be grateful for the cosiness.
  • Lock your suitcase. None of this is worth it if your belongings go missing!

Bon Voyage!

Alice, Rosie On Fire xx

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