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I’m sure we all remember being told from a very young age not to look directly at the sun and what would happen if we did…I know I was told by my parents, my grandparents, my school teacher, maybe even the post man! Isn’t it funny how early years advice sticks with us?

Advice Dice

With colleagues, clients, friends and family all over the world, I’m left wondering why the same tales of warning aren’t said about the sun’s power and protecting our skin in the same way…I mean, sure, there are adverts for luxury skin products that double up as sun protection and acted out scenes of parents applying various lotions and potions to their children on the beach but to date, I’m not sure whether we are giving it as much clout as is due.

The thing I love most about the sunshine is its ability to work wonders on our Serotonin levels and as a result, improve our mood…We want to hibernate when we wake up on a cold, February morning and avoid at all costs being battered by a wintery shower. On the flip-side, waking up on a warm and sunny morning in June, we open the windows and plan our day around the great outdoors.

June Sunrise

…I believe this to be the reason we often forget that regardless of how happy, energised and eager to get outside we feel, the sun won’t take our mood into consideration: It’s still 109 times larger than Earth, still a nearly perfect sphere of hot plasma and still sits at a surface temperature of 5,778K…It’s beyond scorching!

So, when we are told by our nearest and dearest, by experts in news articles or even by our Facebook feed to wear adequate sun protection, I think it’s time we listened. It’s a small change to up our game and protect our skin by wearing high SPF factors…after all; our skin is ours for life and needs as much love as we can give it.

Protect Yourself

The sun hasn’t changed in nearly 4 billion years and it’s not going anywhere so my advice isn’t to hide from it, just respect it and say YES to SPF!

Here are a few of our favourites…

Alice x

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