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The reality of today is that we are always on social media…Some can’t resist the temptation to check what’s happened the minute their alarm wakes them, for others it’s what makes their daily commute more bearable. For me, I like to have a coffee in hand and 5 minutes to spare so I can scroll the pages in peace. Social media is how we keep ourselves updated on worldwide news activity, friends engagements, where serves the best cocktails but also and more importantly for this blog, which beauty products and treatments have people talking and which of them rate highest.

Social media is how I stumbled upon a facial like no other I’d seen before, Dermaplaning, a process by which the face is rid of its peach fuzz with a fine scalpel.

Dermaplaning is a much loved treatment in the US and has only recently found itself on the radar here in the UK. In the simplest terms, it’s an exfoliation treatment that removes dead skin cells that have built up on the skin, to give a glowing effect.  

Using a thin blade made from titanium, and held at a 45-degree angle, the superficial dead skin and fine, downy hair are removed. I’m sure the question you’re asking yourself is ‘Does the hair grow back darker and thicker?’. There is no scientific evidence to back up the belief that hair grows back darker and thicker. Undoubtedly, the hair-shaft will no doubt feel more coarse, but that’s just a case of texture, rather than density and pigment.

After doing some research and watching a few more videos (and maybe a few more after that!), I became interested in the comments from the men and women post treatment which were nothing but encouraging…Acne scars and pigmentation marks were reduced gradually after just a few treatments, the consistency in their complexion and even the definition of cheekbones and jawlines were undeniable!

If you’re anything like me, I winced at the thought of a surgical blade coming anywhere near my face but after putting caution to the wind I tried Dermaplaning for myself and I promise you, it’s not scary or painful and when done by someone trained professionally, it’s transforming.

There are a number of salons and clinics offering this treatment and I’m sure one will be local to you. Here are a few things to check before booking:

  • Make sure you complete a consultation form that asks you about your medical history, allergies and recent treatments. There are a number of contraindications that therapists need to be made aware of!
  • Request a patch test, just to be sure you don’t have an allergy to the titanium blade. It’s uncommon but not unheard of!
  • If you have waxing, threading or regularly exfoliate, do this at least 24 hours before your Dermaplaning treatment to give you skin time to settle.

Get this incredible facial. It can be given as a preparation for other treatments or as a standalone but its benefits are instantaneous. I was left with smoother skin (literally as soft as a feather!), an instant glow and by removing the vellus hair my skincare products absorbed beautifully into my skin. What’s not to love!

Alice x

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