The ‘S’ Word: Stress


Rosie On Fire has international offices so we’re used to busy timetables and 24/7 international communications. Whether our Production team is rushing to meet deadlines and hopping on planes to source fabric, or our Warehouse team is rushing to fulfil orders, hearing the phrase ‘I’m stressed!’ isn’t uncommon. In fact, it’s a phrase most people use frequently in all manner of situations, from shopping in a busy supermarket to planning a family holiday abroad. Genuine stress however, is something else; its anxiety, depression, migraines and more, all of which warrant professional intervention and in some cases, medication.

The question is, why do we not allow ourselves the opportunity to heal our minds as we would a cut to the knee or joint pain? Operating under pressure is to be expected in everyday life and most people would say that the right amount of pressure enables them higher functionality. The trick is to identify when pressure shifts to something more, ultimately becoming less manageable. That’s stress.

April marks a month worth mentioning, not only for its Spring blossom, bank holiday weekends and warmer climate but also because across the UK, health care professionals and promotion experts join forces to increase public awareness on stress.

Sponsored by The Health Resource Network (HRN) Stress Awareness Month has been an annual event for over a decade, spreading the word about the causes and cures of this modern day epidemic.

In a recent study by MentalHealth we get a real insight into stress statistics. For example, in a year 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Think back, are you one of that 74%?

Work, finances and measures of success are the biggest contributing factors to stress. We, as individuals are the only ones responsible for it and it is within our power to acknowledge and conquer it together.

  • At Rosie On Fire, we are encouraged to take a lunch break away from our desks. Even just 15 minutes of screen-free time makes a difference.
  • Go for a brisk walk and take in some Vitamin D.
  • Read before bed instead of watching TV…fashion mags definitely count and tend to be the firm favourite for the Rosie On Fire team.
  • Pick up the phone for a chat with a friend.
  • Book in for a pedicure and make the most of the foot massage that’s included!
  • Ask for help. Here at the Rosie On Fire HQ, we are fortunate to use a platform that allows us to share our workload efficiently and to have a transparent schedule. That way, colleagues can step in when things get too much!

Click here for more stress busting ideas.

Did you know that 36% of women who felt high levels of stress related this to their comfort with their appearance and body image, compared to 23% of men?…If you ever needed a reason to smile at yourself in the mirror, boost your confidence and pick out a piece of clothing in which you feel unstoppable, you have it!

Take back your calm! x

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