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Self-confidence is a funny thing; it comes and it goes as quickly as a bowl of maltesers in front of a good romcom! 

Women are the worst for being critical of themselves whether it’s for their brainpower, bra size or bread intake.

The truth is we are all so finely tuned that it would be wrong if we didn’t constantly assess ourselves and strive to be better. But, we need to get good at enjoying the days we feel like we could run the world and also the days when we want to curl up under a blanket…only to come out for a mug of hot chocolate, marshmallows and FULL FAT milk!

For those latter days when you need a bit of a pickup, these are some hacks that work for us at the office. 

1. Talk to yourself! – Yes we know it sounds weird, but it works. Psychologist have found that your brain interprets what it hears very literally. Positive reinforcement is critical. Give your best smile in the mirror and say ‘I got this’ Say it as many times as you need until you don’t just hear yourself, you believe yourself. Next, layer up with your most fierce lippy and kiss those negative vibes goodbye. Mwah!

2. Spread positivity to others, even if you don’t feel it yourself – Text your bestie and say something encouraging. 9 times out of 10, it’ll make you feel just as good. Positive.News looked deeper into the advantages of sharing positive experiences with others and the results showed a boost in personal happiness.

3. Fake it till you make it –  It’s no secret that if you feel confident on the outside, it effects how you feel on the inside. This last hack works for us, as we get to raid the HQ wardrobe here at Rosie On Fire. My personal favourite, Happy Ending reminds me of a recent trip to Mauritius and its name can only mean good things!

Thought for the day, there is no wrong side of the bed if you can get out at the bottom…

Alice x

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